Tummy rolls

Embrace your tummy rolls.

They show that you have been enjoying food and all the great things in life which should be embraced.

The idea of tummyrolls came about during dinner at F.I.S.H, when a dear friend of ours lamented out loud about ‘tummy rolls’. It was a eureka moment for us as that was the perfect name for this blog. What else, could give such a tangible representation of all our past fooding adventures?

This is precisely what we’ll be blogging about. Restaurant/food reviews, cooking/baking recipes etc. from our unbiased tongues. We won’t pretend we’re bona fide food critics either, we’ll keep our entries simple and informative!

Who’s ‘we’ by the way?

Let’s just say.. ‘we’ are a group of girls who love the good things that life has to offer. Let’s keep it at that. 🙂


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