Of Cupcake Poop & Edged Brownies

Of Cupcake Poop and Edged Brownies

I’ve got this habit of becoming a Facebook fan of all my favorite sites so that I can easily keep track of updates. Works better for me then subscribing to RSS feeds, since I tend to pay more attention when interesting things pop up in my Facebook live feed (that sounds wonderfully stalker-ish I know).

So the other day this fascinating post popped up while I was browsing on my Blackberry entitled “Cupcake Poop”. Of course I was all like how can this be! How can anyone even think of putting the word Poop next to Cupcake (oxymoron!) So the next time I was on my computer I went to read the post & found a wonderful secret that we bakers tend to keep to ourselves (and definitely not something I’ve ever given a name to)

“Cupcake Poops” are those delicious bits of batter that spill and bake up on the edges of the cupcake pan, delivering tiny crispy little cupcake cookies. We all know them and love them dearly.

Cupcake Project whipped up some cupcake poop by following a pound cake recipe and dropping small spoonfuls of batter onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and baked at 350F for 15 minutes. The result? A wonderful crispy treat of cupcake poop. Will definitely be trying this out soon, maybe with some other cupcake recipe (the same concept *should* apply across cupcake recipes, Cupcake Project notes).

The other wonderful little thing that crops up while baking is the Edge. You know what I mean? That piece of cake or brownie that was made at the edge of the pan so it has that delicious crispy exterior to contrast with the soft chewy center. Unfortunately there are only so many edge pieces making dessert…unless you use the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan! You’ll never have to fight over the limited amount of edge pieces anymore! 😉 Though this might take away some of the magic of the edge piece as well. Definitely want one of these some day. Must buy soon!

Have not really been baking much recently, but would like to complete my series on the cupcakes that I’d started earlier. Look out for the rest of the recipes really soon! 🙂 ❤ Sue


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