One helping is not enough!

You know how parents or teachers used to lecture us from a very young age not to eat too much sugar?

Well they were right.

But. Who cares?

They probably haven’t had the joy of savouring a wonderfully done pudding from Tampopo Deli. It was so good that the moment I finished desert at the main Tampopo restaurant, I literally ran to their deli downstairs to grab some takeaway pudding. What captured my heart?

*Milk tea pudding!*

The pudding has a lovely chawanmushi-like texture and gives you a cold melt in the mouth sensation.  You can see the sauce on the top layer of the pudding – blend in everything thoroughly for an even taste. For the takeaway version, it comes seperately in a little container. So you can control the amount of sauce you want. I just poured everything in lah, I wanted the whole milk tea flavour to come through, which it did marvelously! (NB: I did sample a few others like the custard pudding, but they were okay okay only).

If you haven’t realised by now, the people running this blog have insanely sweet tooths.

We can’t help it. Its wired in our genes.

miss 241

2 responses to “One helping is not enough!

  1. Did you have this milk tea pudding in Jakarta? It looks so heavenly!

    • hey marz! thanks for the comment 😉 actually i’m not the one who had this milk tea pudding but my friend. looks really amazing!! it’s in singapore though, not jakarta 😦 i also have not tried it till now!

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