Team Yoguru VS Team Yami

I had an awesome Saturday at the empty Kallang Leisurepark where I didn’t have to fight the weekend crowds. The downside though being, there’s no good place for lunch so had to settle for Pastamania, which was so bad it was not even worth elaborating about (think frozen baked riced popped into a microwave and served to you).

I didn’t head there for lunch though. It was to watch the long awaited third installment of the Twilight series. For the record (and for anyone who remotely cares), I’m die-hard Team Jacob. Simple reason being you can be yourself with him. Who needs the mental torture wondering if you should transform into a fanged creature of the night. (Plus think of all the food you’ll miss out enjoying on! A blood only diet for eternity? I think I’ll pass).

Anyway I digress. The whole point of this post is actually because I had a single scoop of Yoguru, original flavour today.  The serving was generous and totally value for money at $3.30. Off course, greedy me took a topping (extra $1.20) of oreo crumbs no less which is a bad idea simply because:

  • When trying to sneak into cinema with said yoghurt, the crumbs inevitably created a mess
  • Super unhealthy! Why didn’t i take the fruits instead?

The texture, which I’m usually particular about was good.. it was creamy smooth, like soft-serve ice-cream. I couldn’t detect any tinge of ice-crystals at all, which can be common in frozen yoghurts. I found the whole taste very overwhelming though, too sweet! It lasted me about half the movie, hardly melted at all. Their marketing efforts highlight that its totally no-fat, filled with probiotics goodness etc. etc. However I felt really sinful after that, considering the sweetness lingered in my mouth.

So I conclude for froyos, nothing can beat my all time comforting Yami Yoghurt. I know that it won’t let me down no matter how many times I buy it. From the original to peach to honeydew, I get warm fuzzy feelings always.

Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that have always been by your side, even before you realise it yourself. 🙂

miss 241

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