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Simpang Bedok is one of my favourite makan hangouts simply because its near to home and has a large variety of cuisines to whet your appetite. On one particular afternoon, I paid tribute to this diversity by having both Western and Chinese food. What better place to do this than the Tang Tea House Hongkong Cafe?

Lunch began with a smattering of dumplings like the one below here.

I highly recommend the piping hot steamed dumplings with chilli crab. One bite and the juice oozes out non-stop! The crab filling is moist and leaves you wanting for more. I could also go and on about the other dishes I had that day – like siew mai, har kow, chicken pau and the steamed rice roll.. but you get the idea.

Now moving on. Much has been said about the awesomeness of Botak Jones and its affordable Western fare served in coffee shops. Now Muslims can check out the fuss at its Halal-certified outlets – Botak’s Favorites, one of which is located at the Cafe itself. What else would I order there except for the signature Botak Burger?

The patty is done well and chockful of meaty goodness. It was tender and not too overwhelming, with good marination. The size was just right and satiated my already half-full tummy. Minus points though for the staff forgetting our order of the baked cheese! Despite us being the only few customers!

Do try out their new range of Botak Mini Monsters too, at about $4+ per burger.

I believe this was the Mini sambal cheese!

Will definitely chart my food adventures at Simpang. There’s still lots of places to haunt.. I’m leaving you a photo of my towering chocolate cake at Mad Jack’s (Simpang’s off course).

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Its shiok only when its spicy!

Growing up on nasi padang, I must admit that when dining out, I would avoid eating this staple meal of rice served with different types of meat and vegetable dishes.

One exception to this rule is Hajah Maimunah. I live pretty near the Joo Chiat branch, which means its easy for me to get my fix of one of the best nasi padang in Singapore. Expect to queue up at least 15 mins during lunch time though. My personal favourites here are:

  • Ayam rendang
  • Ayam lemak chilli padi
  • Black pepper beef
  • Sambal prawn
  • Sweet and sour fish
  • Omelette
  • Tahu telor

Dishes in all their splendour

You must have a high threshold of spicyness to fully enjoy the experience as the best and most flavourful dishes are also the hottest ones. Go in a big group so you can order as many dishes as possible! I mostly come here for a special lunch treat with my colleagues. so we can sample as much food as possible!

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What’s a teppanyaki without smoke?

Its hard to find good halal Japanese food in Singapore. Hence when the die-hard foodie in me heard of a new establishment by a Muslim owner, I jumped at the chance to venture there. Yureka Teppanyaki is located at Springleaf Gardens, along Upper Thompson Road. Having no idea how to get there, I decided to cab down with a friend to have dinner there. We nearly missed the restaurant because the signboard wasn’t that prominent compared to the other shops facing the road. We were really relieved when we spotted it!

The branding and design colours are so pychedelic!

Naturally, the choice was to sit at the teppanyaki area and watch the chef in action. I was drawn to the aroma of the cooking meat and the sizzling grill. Note that the sitting area here is cramped and the food smell really really sticks to your clothes afterwards.

Sat directly across the chef

The menu offerings included the usual Japanese fare – sushi, sashimi, noodles, teppanyaki (off course), plus a few other non-Japanese food which I presume is targeted at the older generation – like my mother whose palate can’t take Japanese.  The prices are affordable, think less than 20 bucks and without service charge! I ordered the chicken rendang teppanyaki, a fusion of Malay-Japanese tastes. The chicken was tender and the rendang flavour came out strongly. The chicken came in bite-sized portions together with beansprouts, rice and miso. I normally hate beansprouts with a passion, but I liked how crunchy this was done and didn’t have that awful bitter taste. It reminded me of stir-fried vegetables. 🙂

Chicken rendang teppanyaki with beansprouts

At this point I must also make special mention of the sauces. The chilli/sambal was reminiscent more of a Malay restaurant than a Japanese one hehe.

With the sauce!

My friend had the salmon teppanyaki and she absolutely loved it! Tried some and I must agree with her. The texture was soft and the teriyaki sauce was light.

Salmon teppanyaki

I also took away some sushi rolls, but didn’t think it was anything special. I would recommend having the teppanyaki here, since its what the place is known for.  Yureka Teppanyaki is not a purely authentic Japanese restaurant, as obviously the food has been adapted to local Malay tastes but its still a good effort by the owner to give the Muslim population here a taste of Japan. 🙂

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