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Simpang Bedok is one of my favourite makan hangouts simply because its near to home and has a large variety of cuisines to whet your appetite. On one particular afternoon, I paid tribute to this diversity by having both Western and Chinese food. What better place to do this than the Tang Tea House Hongkong Cafe?

Lunch began with a smattering of dumplings like the one below here.

I highly recommend the piping hot steamed dumplings with chilli crab. One bite and the juice oozes out non-stop! The crab filling is moist and leaves you wanting for more. I could also go and on about the other dishes I had that day – like siew mai, har kow, chicken pau and the steamed rice roll.. but you get the idea.

Now moving on. Much has been said about the awesomeness of Botak Jones and its affordable Western fare served in coffee shops. Now Muslims can check out the fuss at its Halal-certified outlets – Botak’s Favorites, one of which is located at the Cafe itself. What else would I order there except for the signature Botak Burger?

The patty is done well and chockful of meaty goodness. It was tender and not too overwhelming, with good marination. The size was just right and satiated my already half-full tummy. Minus points though for the staff forgetting our order of the baked cheese! Despite us being the only few customers!

Do try out their new range of Botak Mini Monsters too, at about $4+ per burger.

I believe this was the Mini sambal cheese!

Will definitely chart my food adventures at Simpang. There’s still lots of places to haunt.. I’m leaving you a photo of my towering chocolate cake at Mad Jack’s (Simpang’s off course).

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